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The first aid (FA). According to national legislation ERC has trainingsertificate of Ministery of Education and Research (renewed in 2010) to provide the FA courses to the population. Also we train the FA trainers. ERC FA scholarship has 10 different FA programs. In 2013.a. we provide 459 courses for 6234 persons and 138 FA trainers are prepared by ERC.

In FA area a voluntary work in schools is done for different age-groups to give knowledge by relevant programs. The trainings include a lot of practical elements. Joint programs with Rescue Service, Police Department in open air are very popular during the last 4 years. 9053 pupils were trained in 2013 and this work is in continious process. In kindergarten level we have very special program. Our gymnasium-level volonteers (and in some cases volunteering pensioners) during our activities explain to children in manner wrong-right the way to behave. We started with this material some 14 years ago and today the personell of kindergartens also is involved to this activity. In 2010 ERC trained FA trainers for Ukrainea, Belorussia and Moldava RC NS, in 2014 second time in Moldova.

Work with vulnerable groups. This work has also preventive character. ERC provide a day-camps for children from problematic families to avoid them from the negative influence of street. The obligatory elements in these camps

  • Elementary knowledge of FA

  • Hygienic lessons

  • Conversations with juvenile–police, psychologists

  • Three time catering incl. explaining table manners

If possible the exhibitions will be visited, the sporting games organised (depends on season). 767 children took part of day-camps in 2013.

The children from problematic families are supported in 2013 with school-supplies (1011 children), one-time food-packages ( 1289 packages), hygienic-packages (2870). This nuber of beneficiaries has been more or less stabile for last 5 years. Via EU programm – Food Aid for the Most Deprived of Society – about 91 000 persons were supported in 2013.

Since 2010 commercial organisations have been interested in our work with the vulnerable groups, especially with children and the opportunuty for money collection-boxes in their shops works well. For example 553 Christmas/New Year packages were provided 2012/2013.

Health prevention. Preventive work on HIV/AIDS among youth is active. Popular is peer-education. This work is done on local branch level at schools, during the yout activities on community level,. The youth trainers are trained by ERC, trainings based on IRCF materials. Also the healthy life-style and voluntary blood-donation is promoted among the youth and population.

Disaster preparedness units. Todey 257 trained volunteers are prepared to act during the emergency situation in Estonia. This work began in 2001 and now every local branch is ready to support rescue service if there is a need. The cooperation with Ministery of Social Affairs, Ministery of Interior, Rescue Serrvice, Police and Border Department is active. This year in cooperation with Finnish RC we started the training of our volunteers for participation in foreigm missions. Today 20 ERC volunteers have been involved in the training cycle. Two of them have passed all required trainings and 13 volunteers are in process. One ERC volunteer has been involved in international team in foreign mission – 2013 August-September assembling the field hospital in Jordan and 2013 December/2014 January working at the basic health clinic in Philippines.

International Humanitarian Law. It is very important activity and lot of attention is paid to train a volunteers and expanding the main principles to the members in every level. Our training proramm bases on the ICRC materials. In 2006 the national act about the Red Cross Name and Emblem came into force. In 2006 also the trilateral agreement between ICRC, ERC and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research were signed to include the IHL into the curricula of secondary schools. ERC have trained the historicals and the work is in process.

Tracing service. According to the GC 191 cases form 18 states have been under the attention in 2013. Restoring (WWII) familiy links is still actual in Estonia. Cooperation with archives is active . Tracing service officer provides regular lectures on local branch level to ERC members and to the paid staff. The cooperation is close with local authorities concerning the graves of combatants WWII.

2001-2006 was active period to find approval documents of forced labour cases WWII. More than 3000 cases was proved in cooperation with various archives.

Restoring Family links in Estonia. How the Family Links Networkof the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement can help you look for a familymember, restore contact with a family member or be reunited with a familymember

We help to look for family members in Estonia.

We try to help you when you have lost contact due to

  • Armed conflict or other situation of violence
  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Migration involving a vulnerable person
  • World War II

or in other situations of humanitarian need, when possible.

We help to look for family members in another country.

We try to help you when you have lost contact due to

  • Armed confilct or other situation of violence
  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Migration involving a vulnerable person
  • World War II

Obtaining the documents about deporting to concentration camps, evacuation, or in other situations of humanitarian need, when possible.

Estonian Red Cross can try to find information for people who are worried about the helth and well-being of a close family member with whom they have suddenly lost contact.

This service is provided:
When loss of contact is due to armed conflict and natural or man-made distaster.
When the other means of communication(telephone lines, postal system, etc are disrupted or not available or in other situations of humanitarian need, when possible.

For more information, please, contact the Estonian Red Cross:

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Phone calling from abrode: + 372 64 11 645
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